Like Mother Like Daughter


In many aspects of our lives, my mum and I couldn’t be less alike. On a weekly basis, we will say to one another ‘are you sure we’re related’ because we have so many differences. For example, she is amazing at anything to do with arts and crafts. When I was little she would be able to draw me anything to colour in and she has this fantastic creative side, where she can make something beautiful out of absolutely nothing. This is a talent I certainly did not inherit; my art ability didn’t really progress past finger painting and stick men.

I on the other hand, would quite happily spend all of my spare time in the kitchen and I’ve been the one cooking her dinner, since I could be trusted with sharp knives and an oven. I started mainly because she hated doing it and if we’re honest, she is a bit rubbish. Every time I write a blog post about makeup she’ll say to me, ‘well Lorna it was very good but I didn’t really know what you were talking about’. I have an obsession with makeup, that we don’t share with one another but hey; you can’t be good at everything!

Also, just look at us, we look nothing alike. I’m blonde with very fair skin, where as my lovely mum is very dark with a more tanned complexion. I’ve got a round face and big chubby cheeks, and she’s got a longer face with fabulous high cheekbones. If I didn’t have proof that she did indeed give birth to me, then I’d be wanting a DNA test ASAP.

Evidently neither of us can take a good picture

Putting differences aside, we are very much the same person in so many ways. We share the same taste in TV and films and I know that she will always be down for a marathon of Doctor Who or Torchwood. I’d say we both live by the mantra of if in doubt; put on a Harry Potter. There is never a night where we’re not in the mood for a Potter, even though we’ve seen them all hundreds of times already, can say all of the lines and we’ve both read the entire series multiple times. Even after all this time? Always.

If you know, you know.

We’re both shocking at navigation and have absolutely no sense of direction at all. Thank goodness she married John who is like a walking map because, my God, the amount of times we used to get lost before satnav came along, was ridiculous. One time we were on holiday in Lake Garda and the pair of us decided to take a trip to the swimming pool, which was literally a five minute walk from our chalet. Somehow we both managed to walk straight past the massive, you can’t physically miss it, outdoor swimming pool and ended up twenty minutes away by the side of Lake Garda. If it’s just the two of us, things like this are a regular occurrence unfortunately.

I know most people love Christmas, but we love Christmas. When I was at uni, I broke up for the Christmas holidays around the 7th December and from the start of November, we’d be texting each other about how excited we were. This year because I was at home, we started planning Christmas at the end of October. Our weekends were spent going from shop to shop just looking at the Christmas things they had, watching Christmas films and generally getting ridiculously over excited. Best Christmas ever.

The woman herself wearing everyone’s Christmas presents because why the hell not?

The thing that I admire the most in my mum and hope to emulate in my own life, is how nice, positive and patient she always is to literally everyone. I think being nice is a much underrated trait and my mum is genuinely the nicest person I know. Quite often we’ll be out and about shopping or having lunch, and she’ll spot someone who has fabulous hair or is wearing an amazing coat and she’ll go up to them and tell them. She has no embarrassment in complimenting a complete stranger and I love that about her. Being nice for the sake of being nice is a trait that I’ve always admired and I hope that that is something I can inherit and pass down to my own children.

I also hope that when I start a family, I’ll be as supportive to my children as she is to me. No matter what, if I have something that I’m passionate about and want to pursue, my mum will always help me the best she can. During the final year of my degree, I endured what I can only described as a complete living hell: Teeline Shorthand. Up until then during my time in education, I had never really struggled to learn anything. I mean maths isn’t my strongpoint but  I managed to get through, however shorthand was on another level. If I didn’t have my mum on the other end of the phone to cry to, I would’ve just given up but she kept me going.

I can quite easily say that I am who I am today because of my mum being the best parent, friend, advisor and teacher I could have hoped for. Differences aside, I couldn’t have wished for anyone better and I hope that I can be as good a mum to my children as she has been, and continues to be for me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mothblack heart



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